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Modern aerospace derived exterior ballistics software for those who handload, reload, target shoot, or hunt. Knowing your load's ballistic performance downrange is key to making the shot. Sight in your gun with ease, pick the right load for that hunting trip, learn the basics of exterior ballistics in a few hours; these are just some of the benefits of owning Ballistic Explorerô - the best exterior ballistics software on the market.   Full Specifications

New  Save data directly to Microsoft® Excel® files.

The Chart, Examine, and Report displays give you the option to save your data directly to Microsoft® Excel® files where you have nearly limitless options to analyze, print and graph your data.

The Explore display quickly finds the answers.

The Explore display gives you many quick acting slider and arrow controls that work in conjunction with rapid automatic recalculation to let you easily find answers to shooting problems no ballistics software is specifically programmed to solve. It's one of many exclusive features found only in Ballistic Explorer.

Ballistic Explorer takes advantage of the super computer power (by 20th century standards) of modern desktop and laptop computers, which far exceeds that of the fastest smart phone or tablet to give users unique insights into downrange ballistics.

Ballistic Explorer is 100% native Windows code that doesn't use DLL's or third party libraries as these may cause conflicts with other software and increase vulnerability to malware.

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