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On this page you'll find software we developed either for ourselves or for other companies who are making it available to the public for free. All programs on this page were developed by Dexadine, Inc. All of our products are digitally signed with our name, and thus, our reputation.

When you click to download you can either run or save the setup file to your computer. When the setup file is launched, Windows® 7 through Windows® 11 display a dialog showing the software publisher's name. If it doesn't say Dexadine, Inc. it's because the file didn't download properly. Just download it again.

Drag Function Synthesizer

The Drag Function Synthesizer gives shooters the ability to visually study the drag characteristics of Doppler radar tested bullets by synthesizing a drag function that closely corresponds to the drag function any ballistics calculator uses to produce its downrange data. It does so by using well known math and methods to process the downrange data.

That doesn't sound too interesting until you consider Lapua, Hornady, and perhaps other ammunition and bullet manufacturers are using Doppler radar to produce custom drag functions for specific brands and models of bullets -- maybe bullets you use or are thinking about trying.

Lapua makes their custom drag functions available for download and also gave us permission to distribute them with Ballistic Explorer. Hornady uses Doppler radar to produce custom drag functions for their own bullets as well as select bullets from Berger, Lapua, and Sierra. Currently, those custom drag functions only seem to be used in conjunction with Hornady's 4DOF Calculator. However, Hornady makes it easy for shooters to study and analyze the data produced by their 4DOF Calculator off-line by including a "Download Spreadsheet" button at the bottom of the Trajectory Results page. You can easily save the results to your computer and process them with the Drag Function Synthesizer. Here's why...

Most handheld devices and phone apps that shooters use in the field support G1 and G7, but may not support the custom drag function for the bullet being used. The Drag Function Synthesizer makes it easy to determine how accurately the G1 or G7 drag functions predict drop relative to the custom drag function for the specific muzzle velocity and distance you intend to shoot too. Your muzzle velocity and intended distance is something no manufacturer knows, so you can often improve your accuracy by using a BC specific to your needs.

If you have a copy of Ballistic Explorer installed on your PC, you can also export drag functions for use with Ballistic Explorer's extensive features and tools.

Click the Download button and select Run to install the Drag Function Synthesizer to your PC. As with all our software, the setup and program files are digitally signed by Dexadine, Inc.


Watch these videos to learn how to use the Drag Functions Synthesizer.
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SiteLite Ballistic Targeting System

Version 1.0.4

The SiteLite Ballistic Targeting System (BTS) software works with any laser boresighter, but was specifically designed for SiteLite laser boresighters. The BTS software lets you select your gun, sight height, ammo, the gun's zeroed range out to 300 yards (meters) and the distance you want to boresight at, which can be as close as 8 yards (meters). You can then print a boresight target customized for your specific settings.

Just place the printed target downrage at the distance you specified and center the boresighter's laser on the spot indicated on the target and adjust the gun's scope to align with the printed crosshair.

Laser boresigthers often come only with a generic boresight target that approximates a typical hunting rifle zeroed at some typical range using some typical ammo and requires the boresight target to be placed at some specific distance downange. Such one-size-fits-all targets likely didn't meet the needs of many shooters and certainly don't utilize the superior accuracy of SiteLite laser boresighters. The BTS software changes all that by letting shooters print a boresight target specific to their needs.

Rich Langner, President of Concept Development Corporation offers the BTS software Free to the public. Just go to the SiteLite website and click on the BALLISTIC TARGETING SYSTEM button and you'll find the download link at the bottom of the page. If you are asked to enter your serial number you can use 123456.

The BTS software runs on Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows® 11. Both the 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows® are supported. The software is digitally signed by Dexadine, Inc.

Tip For Advanced Users

The BTS software is designed to be easy for the average shooter to use, so the user selects the particulars of their gun and ammo from drop down lists. The software then looks up the typical muzzle velocity and G1 B.C. of the bullet and displays those values, which are then used to calculate the bullet's trajectory and produce the boresight target.

We didn't forget advanced shooters, however, so similar software is built into Ballistic Explorer where you can take advantage of all it's features such as finding your load in the Ammo/Bullet library, using the the environment you expect to be shooting in (altitude, temperature, etc.), use any standard or custom drag model such as G7, calibrate dual sights for tactical weapons, and compare different zero ranges and save all your work to a project file for each gun and/or load.

Watch these videos for tips on boresighting.
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Ballistic Explorer is a trademark of Dexadine, Inc.   All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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