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Version 6.8.3

Free 30 day trial

  Ballistic Explorer is native Windows® code completely free of 3rd party libraries and drivers, so it's quick and easy to install, and uninstall if you decide not to purchase after trying it.

  The link below downloads the full version of Ballistic Explorer, but it operates in demo mode until it's registered. If you decide to purchase the product, there's nothing more you need to install, simply register the copy of Ballistic Explorer you've already installed.

Click link to begin downloading: bexsetup.exe

If you're using the Microsoft® Edge® browser see this before downloading.

- - - - - - Optional Tutorial Add-on - - - - - -

  This optional file installs additional tutorials for Ballistic Explorer to your local hard drive. Otherwise, you have to be on-line to view them.

Click link to begin downloading: tutsetup.exe

System Requirements

Ballistic Explorer requires a PC running Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, 8, 8.1,10 or Windows® 11. Works on either 32 or 64 bit editions. The program needs just 12 MB of space on your hard drive. A Windows® supported printer (or print to file) is needed.

Quick Start Videos

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Easy Download And Install

Getting Started Overview

Solve One Of The Most Common Shooting Problems

Drag Analyzer & Custom Drag Functions

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