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Robert L. McCoy

1937 - 1998

Bob McCoy was a distinguished ballistician who worked at the U. S. Army Ballistics Research Lab for almost 30-years doing theoretical and experimental work on everything from .22 bullets to large cannon shells. Over the years you may have read some of his articles in Precision Shooting, Very High Power and other gun magazines. During his career he received three of the government’s highest civilian awards, served on the U. S. Olympic Shooting Sports Research Council, and finally passed on his knowledge to the shooting fraternity by writing “Modern Exterior Ballistics.”

“Modern Exterior Ballistics” is a technical book, largely aimed at professionals with a technical background. However, Bob was a committed shooter. Therefore large parts of the book are accessible to amateurs, and many of the results are simple enough for a scientific hand calculator. In particular there are some beautiful photographs of bullets in flight.

Unfortunately, Bob didn’t have much time to enjoy his achievements. He signed the Preface to “Modern Exterior Ballistics” on March 1998 and died April 29, 1998 before his book was published. Bob’s many friends included a dedication in the published work, and continue to honor Bob by watching over his final work. Bob’s friends have compiled a 20 page document of corrections that they are making available on-line.

The corrections are in a PDF file. If you click on the link below, many browsers will just open the file, as they recognize this standard format. Be patient, it may take a minute or two for the first page to display. If you would rather download the file, try clicking the RIGHT mouse button on the link and then select Save Link as..., or Save Target as... from the popup menu. Here’s the Link:

04/13/2010 Corrections to “Modern Exterior Ballistics”

The corrections are a copyrighted work in themselves and cannot be posted on-line or published without the written permission of Donald G. Miller, Livermore, CA. It’s Don’s and Bob's friends' intention to freely provide these corrections to individuals who have purchased “Modern Exterior Ballistics,” while insuring that the correction document can be further updated if needed. To do that, Don needs to know who’s hosting the corrections. If you want to provide these corrections from a web site, just link to this page. If that’s not practical, e-mail us and we’ll forward your request to Don.

If needed, you can download the free Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file.

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